ClickUp Review: Is This Project Management Tool Worth Trying

In the current scenario where businesses are shifting towards remote work environments, having a dependable project management tool has become a necessity.

ClickUp, a comprehensive project management platform, is gaining popularity among teams of all sizes and industries. This review will delve into ClickUp’s features, advantages, and disadvantages to help you evaluate if it’s the right tool for your team.

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ClickUp is a platform for project management, productivity, and collaboration that’s based on cloud technology and can be used by teams of various sizes and functions. 

It was established in 2017 and has gained significant recognition in the project management tools market. ClickUp currently serves over 800,000 teams, offering a complete set of collaboration tools that enhance team productivity. 

The San Diego-based startup received a Series C funding round of $400 million in October 2021, bringing the total amount raised for the development of the project management platform to $538 million, which further validates its success.

Each subscription plan for ClickUp provides users with access to a range of features, such as various project data views, customized and collaborative workspaces, and essential tracking tools that allow for visibility into project details and stakeholders.

Our Verdict on ClickUp

The project management platform is among the top ones available in the market. It offers customizable features that cater to teams of various sizes and has a user-friendly interface. 

However, some users may struggle with its steep learning curve and confusing pricing model. In general, ClickUp is a reliable choice for businesses seeking an all-inclusive project management solution.

ClickUp at a Glance

The tool for managing projects called ClickUp provides a wide range of features that can be tailored to suit individual needs, including keeping track of time and integrating with other applications. 

It’s user-friendly and has comprehensive capabilities which make it very competitive in the market. Nevertheless, the pricing strategy may be unclear to some users. All in all, ClickUp is a superb option for groups in search of a potent and adjustable project management resolution.

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What Is ClickUp Used For?

ClickUp is a versatile project management software that enables users to manage tasks, projects, and teams with ease. It offers customizable workflows, real-time collaboration, and time-tracking features. 

ClickUp is a multipurpose tool that can be used for various purposes, including project planning, resource management, team communication, and task management. This software is suitable for both small and large teams across different industries due to its customizable features.

Who ClickUp is Best For?

ClickUp is a project management tool that has the potential to benefit all teams regardless of their industry and size. However, it’s particularly useful for teams that require a high level of customization and flexibility in their workflows. 

These teams typically have complex project requirements, may work remotely or across multiple locations, and have to manage several projects at the same time.

Furthermore, ClickUp is an ideal choice for teams that need robust collaboration features like real-time communication and task assignments. It can help teams optimize their productivity and streamline their workflows, saving time and resources.

In conclusion, ClickUp is the best project management tool for teams that require a comprehensive solution that offers customizable features and strong collaboration capabilities.

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ClickUp Pricing


To accommodate the requirements of all businesses, ClickUp offers a variety of pricing plans. You have the flexibility to select the plan that best suits your team’s needs.

Free Forever

The free plan of ClickUp is ideal for individuals who are new to project management and want to use it for personal purposes. 

Despite being free of cost, it provides access to a wide range of versatile features and tools, along with unlimited projects and users. However, the storage capacity is restricted to 100MB.


For only $9 per month per member, this plan offers all the features available in the Free Forever package, as well as most of ClickUp’s advanced features, such as unlimited storage, integrations, and advanced reporting. 

Additionally, you can control user access by setting permissions and experimenting with more than 1,000 automation options. It’s an exceptionally cost-effective plan that includes all the necessary features.


For a fee of $19 per member per month, the Business plan provides complete and unrestricted access to nearly all of ClickUp’s features. What sets it apart from the Unlimited plan is its more advanced security measures, such as Google Sign-in and two-factor authentication.

The Business plan is particularly suitable for bigger businesses that require improved security and resource management tools, such as a resource management chart. Additionally, it offers various features like turndown charts, a KMI tracker, and a widget creator.

Business Plus

The cost for this plan begins at $19 every month for each user and is specifically designed for use by several teams. 

It provides identical benefits as the Business plan but also includes additional exclusive features such as the ability to create custom roles, share teams, receive priority support, undergo administrative training, and benefit from greater automation and API. 


If you have a very large and premium team, the Enterprise plan from ClickUp is the most advanced option available. To receive a personalized price quote, potential users must get in touch with ClickUp’s sales teams. 

The plan includes all the features of the Business Plus plan, as well as several extra features such as white labeling, MSA and HIPAA availability, Enterprise API, Single Sign-on (SSO), and guided onboarding. 

You will also have a dedicated success manager and access to managed services at no cost, ensuring that you receive quick and efficient support whenever required.

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ClickUp Features

ClickUp is a versatile project management tool that offers a variety of features to meet different needs. It’s particularly useful for collaboration, timeline and calendar viewing, and time tracking. We will delve into the aspects we admire about this tool that is tailored for marketing purposes.

Top-Notch Customization Capabilities 

One of the most significant advantages of ClickUp is its ability to be customized according to the needs and preferences of individual users. 

This feature allows for a personalized approach to project management, with the option to adjust and modify the software to suit the user’s workflow, business model, and personal preferences. 

ClickUp is highly adaptable, making it a popular choice for teams across various industries as it offers the freedom to choose the structure that works best for them. 

The “Custom Fields” feature allows for the addition of various types of information to views, while custom dashboards provide options for selecting from over 50 different widget variations to create high-level reports and work overviews. 

This flexibility and customization are among the reasons why ClickUp is considered the best project management tool.

Effortless Team Collaboration and Communication

Successful completion of a project is heavily reliant on effective team collaboration and communication. However, many businesses have been struggling with this aspect, especially since remote work has become more prevalent. 

To address this issue, ClickUp offers a range of advanced features that allow teams of any size to streamline their communication and collaboration efforts within a single platform. 

With ClickUp, users can send and receive emails, chat with colleagues, and collaborate on documents with ease. The tool ensures that team members are connected and up-to-date, regardless of their location, which helps eliminate communication bottlenecks and silos.

Competitive Pricing

ClickUp offers a wide range of features and yet manages to keep its pricing competitive and affordable. The platform offers a Free Forever Plan that is completely free and allows users to try out the platform and its features. If satisfied, users can then choose to sign up for a paid plan starting at just $9 per user per month

Additionally, users can also select a pricing plan that caters to their immediate needs or their anticipated needs in the future, making it an excellent option for both solopreneurs and rapidly growing businesses.

Advanced Real-Time Reporting Capabilities

ClickUp provides a user-friendly platform for generating, extracting, and modifying reports. The software allows you to obtain a deeper understanding of your team’s productivity by analyzing individual schedules, current projects, missed deadlines, and completed tasks. 

Additionally, with over 50 budget options, you can create personalized dashboards that offer a comprehensive summary of the project’s progress, including the ability to track task completion and overall project advancement through reporting tools.

Multiple Views

ClickUp has the notable benefit of providing more than 15 different perspectives to select, which allows you to customize the way you see your team structure, projects, and schedules. 

Apart from standard views, such as List View, Box View, Calendar View, Board View, and Gantt View, you can experiment with other views like Mind Map View, Workload View, and Activity View. 

Mind Map View offers visual outlines to plan and organize tasks, Workload View provides insight into your team’s capacity and resource management, while Activity View offers an overview of all actions across a specific project type, location, and individuals.

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Easy Time Tracking 

ClickUp provides a range of time management solutions to make work easier. Its flexible time-tracking features help you concentrate on your work and improve time management. 

You can use the tool to monitor time, set estimates, add notes, and view reports to keep better track of your working hours. Additionally, billable time can be marked to determine how many hours should be invoiced, and you can adjust your tracked time as necessary.

Excellent Mobile App

In today’s world, having access to work anytime and anywhere is crucial. ClickUp provides a mobile app with efficient functionality. Users can perform tasks, check for significant updates, assign duties, and more with just a tap on their screens. 

The app has a user-friendly interface and simple features, which allows for the easy creation of new tasks, updating colleagues, and managing projects while on the move.


ClickUp has developed a training portal that’s exclusively available for new customers to assist them in getting familiar with the tool as they are onboard. 

The dedicated “learn” portal offers various resources such as webinars, videos, on-demand demos, and even free one-on-one coaching sessions to help customers navigate the tool. No information has been left out while paraphrasing the original text.

Other ClickUp features

Users are provided with access to project-specific views and additional tools from the top of a space, which cannot be left out when explaining this feature. The supplementary views and tools encompassed in this feature are:

  • Form view: Conveniently collects information and speeds up the registration process with a custom-made form
  • Embed view: Choose information from other programs and import it into it
  • Table view: Most akin to the traditional numbered rows of a spreadsheet
  • Doc view: Team members can make, edit, and share documents
  • Mind Map: A graphical depiction of the relative importance of certain tasks
  • Map view: Create a Google map and customize it for your project
  • Activity view: Details of all data updates made to the project that may be viewed by the team
  • Box view: Charts with rows and columns for tasks, employees, and hours spent
  • Workload view: Workload management using a daily assignment table

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What ClickUp Lacks 

Steeper Learning Curve

Many ClickUp app users often express their dissatisfaction with the platform’s steep learning curve, which can be attributed to the numerous features it offers. 

The initial setup can be overwhelming for some users, and the UI also leaves much to be desired, with small text sizes and faint colors that lack sufficient contrast. 

While the platform’s wide array of customization options is impressive, it can also feel like too much for some users. To make the most of its flexibility, users must carefully plan and implement its use, which can be time-consuming and intimidating.

Requires Onboarding 

Although it’s not difficult to understand once explained, it can be overwhelming for those who require minimal guidance. 

Users will need to undergo extensive training before they feel at ease with the tool. The onboarding process is comprehensive and time-consuming, with users required to provide a lot of information to begin. 

However, given the vast array of features available, it’s logical to need proper onboarding, and once users become familiar with the software, it becomes less challenging. A more interactive or hands-on tutorial would have been preferable to help users navigate the software and its features.

Advanced Time Tracking Features

It’s only possible to monitor the time spent on project tasks and label them as billable hours in the Business pricing tier or higher. Additionally, task-specific descriptions and labels for time entries are restricted to the Business tier or higher.

ClickUp App and Interface and In-Use

ClickUp app is a tool used for project management that provides a variety of characteristics and tools to assist individuals in categorizing, monitoring, and collaborating on assignments and ventures. 

With its user-friendly interface, the software is easy to navigate and offers a range of features. When a user signs up in the ClickUp app, they are presented with a personalized dashboard that displays all of their tasks and projects in one location. 

The dashboard can be customized to the user’s preferences, allowing them to choose which features they want to see and how they want them displayed. 

ClickUp app allows users to arrange tasks by priority, due date, status, or other pertinent criteria, and they can easily drag and drop tasks between different lists and projects.ClickUp provides a valuable function of allowing users to establish tailored workflows for various types of projects. 

It enables the creation of custom labels and statuses, as well as the automation of workflows. Furthermore, triggers and notifications can be set up to ensure that everyone stays on schedule and informed. 

The software also has integrated time-tracking tools that can be utilized to monitor progress and billable hours.

ClickUp app not only offers essential project management features but also has numerous integrations with other applications and tools, such as Slack, Trello, and Google Drive, allowing team members to connect and collaborate efficiently, no matter their location.

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Pros and Cons


  • The most feature-rich freemium model
  • Has adaptable dashboards that anyone may use
  • The interface of the program is straightforward and uncomplicated
  • A plus for sole proprietors
  • Cost-effective for groups of all sizes


  • Self-managed onboarding is not suitable for large organizations
  • Onboarding takes longer when there are several alternatives for configuring the system

ClickUp Customer Service and Support

When compared to other similar services, ClickUp provides superior customer support. Even those who have signed up for the free plan can enjoy 24/7 customer support, and they have the option to select the department they want to connect with before being connected to a support agent. 

Additionally, there are various resources available for customers to diagnose their own problems, such as explainer videos, tutorials, demos, and documents which can be found in the support center.

ClickUp Reviews from Real Users – How Legit is it?

In order to provide you with a quick and efficient solution, we went through a significant number of online ClickUp reviews to gather insights into people’s genuine experiences with the service. This will enable you to form a definite opinion regarding the legitimacy and effectiveness of the ClickUp app.

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Alternatives to ClickUp

If you’re a business user looking for a single platform to manage projects, collaborate with your team, and work remotely, ClickUp may be a good choice. 

However, it’s important to note that it has some drawbacks. If you’re interested in exploring other options, here are some ClickUp alternatives to consider. is a software that helps manage projects through a cloud-based system. It has a customizable visual interface that allows teams to collaborate and keep track of tasks. 

The software comes with many features such as custom workflows, automation, Gantt charts, time tracking, and integrations with popular tools. The pricing plans are flexible depending on the number of users and features needed, and the software is both scalable and user-friendly.’s Best Project Management Software > >


Wrike is software for managing projects that operate in the cloud and is designed to assist teams in enhancing productivity, streamlining workflows, and collaborating more efficiently. 

It offers various functions, such as time tracking, task management, team collaboration, and reporting. Its flexible dashboards and workflows can be customized to meet specific needs, while automation features help in reducing time spent on repetitive tasks. 

In general, Wrike is a great option for businesses seeking to improve project management and enhance productivity.

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Asana is a project management software that is cloud-based and provides a platform for teams to manage their work, collaborate, and track projects. It offers a range of features such as custom fields, calendars, timelines, and integration with widely used tools such as Google Drive and Slack. 

Asana has a free version as well as premium options that come with additional features and integrations. Its interface is user-friendly, and it also has a mobile app that makes it convenient for users to manage tasks while on the go. 

Asana is a highly popular project management tool that enables teams to collaborate effectively and manage their projects.

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ClickUp – Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have any lingering inquiries, we have compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions that could potentially provide assistance.

What Is ClickUp Best Used For?

With the ClickUp app, freelancers can manage their work and exchange emails in a single location. This platform enables users to write and respond to emails without accessing their email on the ClickUp app.  

Additionally, for freelancers collaborating as a team, it’s possible to attach files to different tasks and mention other team members to ensure smooth communication.

Is ClickUp Really Free?

The ClickUp Free Plan offers an unexpectedly generous range of features, including access to unlimited tasks, members, and storage of up to 100 GB. Moreover, it comes at no cost at all.

Does ClickUp Sell My Data?

Rest assured that the ClickUp app does not partake in the selling of any information, which includes your personal data. 

The gathering of your personal data will be conducted in accordance with data protection and privacy laws. Keep in mind that some of your personal data will be necessary for you to access and use ClickUp to its full potential. 

Nevertheless, you can trust that any personal information provided will be treated with the utmost care and in compliance with applicable laws.

ClickUp Review – Bottom Line 

ClickUp is versatile enough to cater to the needs of small teams and individuals, as well as larger organizations. 

It offers advanced features and capabilities and is priced competitively. It’s highly adaptable, allowing you to identify and remove obstacles and ensure the timely completion of tasks and projects. 

Although ClickUp may be more difficult to learn than other similar tools, opting for simpler alternatives may lead to sacrificing precision in tracking project details, which ClickUp excels at.

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