Kundali Bhagya update, September 19: Shambhu reveals Nidhi’s plan

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rajveer quickly steps in to prevent Shanaya from taking a tumble. This act doesn’t go unnoticed by Palki and Shaurya. Daljeet, not pleased with Shanaya’s behaviour, takes her aside for a talk. Rajveer, trying to set boundaries, informs Shaurya that Shanaya is his girlfriend. Shaurya playfully suggests he might end up marrying Shanaya, but Rajveer firmly believes that won’t happen. All this while, Palki is sneakily eavesdropping on their conversation.
Shambhu reveals some shocking information. He discloses Nidhi’s sinister plan to harm Preeta. With this revelation, Preeta becomes certain that Nidhi was behind the attack on her in the hospital. Determined to get answers and justice, Preeta decides she needs to face Nidhi and question her. Srishti, always the supportive sister, assures Preeta that she’s with her. She also stresses the importance of keeping Shambhu safe since he’s their main evidence against Nidhi. With a plan in mind, the sisters head out together.
Nidhi, on the other hand, is trying her best to get closer to Karan. She puts on a little act, pretending to lose her balance, hoping Karan would rush to her aid. However, Karan, reminded of past moments with Preeta, becomes distracted and walks away. This leaves Nidhi feeling dejected and Girija, who witnessed the scene, quite puzzled.
Daljeet, playing the role of a mentor, gives Shanaya some advice. She suggests that Shanaya should focus her attention on Shaurya, mainly because of his affluent status, rather than the good-looking Rajveer. Shanaya confides in Daljeet, revealing her plan to get closer to Shaurya, especially since he has a habit of trying to one-up Rajveer. Daljeet seems pleased with this strategy and even shares her intentions of moving into Nidhi’s room once Shanaya ties the knot.
Meanwhile, Preeta and Srishti find themselves outside the Luthra house, where there’s a grand Janmashtami celebration in progress. They’re in a bit of a fix since they don’t have an invitation to enter. Spotting a group of dancers heading inside, they come up with a quick plan. They decide to blend in with the dancers to gain entry without arousing suspicion.
Inside the house, Nidhi makes another attempt to catch Karan’s eye, but her plan goes awry due to Girija’s unexpected intervention. As the celebration picks up pace, Preeta and Srishti, cleverly disguised with veils, dance along with the group. Even Kavya and Palki join in the festivities. In a dramatic turn of events, Preeta almost trips, but Karan is there to catch her, leaving Srishti in a state of surprise.

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