Kwon Kwangjin reveals he has been married to the fan that he was alleged to have sexually harassed | K-pop Movie News

Former N.Flying member Kwon Kwangjin, better known as Kwangjin, has broken his silence over the long-standing sexual harassment allegations.
It was being said that Kwangjin had sexually harassed a fan during a fan sign event. He was kicked out of N.Flyingafter it was revealed that he was dating a fan. However, the K-pop idol denied the sexual harassment allegations and eventually sued the fans, who made the allegations, in court.
In a YouTube video, Kwangjin addressed these allegations and announced that he has been married to the fan that he was alleged to have sexually harassed.
“I was dating a fan (at the time). I fell in love due to her beauty. That fan is currently my wife. Because we were taught never to date fans, I lied about the relationship but later got caught,” he said.
He then addressed the allegations and said, “The sexual harassment allegations are rumors that were made up by a fan. The person who started the rumor online is my wife’s close unnie. She was also a fan, but I think she became jealous once she learned of my relationship with my wife. I was shocked by the baseless allegations and sued her.”
In 2017, Kwangjin joined the rock band N.Flying, which is also under FNC Entertainment. N.Flying was originally a four-member band but expanded to five with his addition. As the bassist, he played a crucial role in the group’s music, contributing to their rock and pop-rock sound.
With Kwangjin, N.Flying released several successful albums and singles. The group gained recognition for their energetic live performances and catchy music. Kwon Kwangjin’s presence in N.Flying contributed to the band’s growth and popularity.

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