Pro Models: Apple ‘Wonderlust’ event: How the iPhone 15 models would be different this year

iPhone 15 series is hours away from the big reveal, and while it might not bring many firsts in phones, it could bring a few firsts for Apple, changing the iPhones as we know them. Here are some of the changes that Apple is expected to bring with the iPhone 15 series.
“USB-C’ing soon”
It seems that after almost a decade of using Lighting ports, iPhones are finally expected to come with USB-C ports for charging, which is what most other manufacturers have been using lately. Initially, Apple was reluctant to make the switch and preferred to stick with the Lighting port for the upcoming iPhone 15 series. However, due to pressure from the EU, it seems that the company has now decided to embrace USB-C. So, all the four models of the iPhone 15 series are expected to have a USB-C port. And you will probably need accessories too with a USB-C port, so Apple is also reportedly replacing Lighting with a USB-C port on the AirPods Pro.
Titanium frame, Action Button – A ‘Ultra’ treatment for ‘Pro’ iPhones
The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are expected to undergo some significant changes. The Pro models will feature a titanium frame, offering better rigidity and a more premium feel compared to the standard iPhones, which will continue to use an aluminium frame. Then, the edges would be a little softened this year, so that holding the phone would become much more comfortable. Additionally, the Pro models will introduce the Action Button, which users can click to perform a specific action, similar to the mute switch.
Meanwhile, aesthetically, there would not be a major change in the two vanilla iPhone 15 models, except Dynamic Island replacing the notch.
A newer A17 Bionic chip will power the Pro models, while the standard models will likely feature last year’s A16 Bionic. The A17 chip will improve performance and offer better efficiency, leading to longer battery life for Pro users.
While the standard iPhones would have Dynamic Island, the Pro models will feature better screens with thinner bezels. All the four models will have a USB-C port, but the Pro versions will offer faster data transfer speeds.
48 MP camera for standards, periscope might finally come to Pro Max
One major change coming to the vanilla iPhone 15 models would be the 48 MP camera, which was last seen on the iPhone 14 Pro. Rumours have it that it is a next-generation sensor, which could capture more light. Meanwhile, out of the two Pro models, the bigger one – iPhone 15 Pro Max – will come equipped with a periscope lens, which will offer twice the zoom capability of its predecessor, increasing from 3x to 6x.
Pro models would cost more than ever
The standard models will likely have the same price as last year, but the Pro models may be priced higher. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will start at $799 and $899, respectively. However, there could be a $100 to $200 increase in the prices of iPhone 15 Pro models. The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to start at $1,099, $100 more than last year’s launch price. According to some rumours, the iPhone 15 Pro Max could cost as much as $1,199.

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