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In anticipation of President Yoon Suk Yeol‘s participation in the India G20 Summit beginning on September 8 and the 50th anniversary of diplomatic
relations between South Korea and India, the Office of the Overseas Public Relations Secretary has organised an ambient advertising campaign titled ’50 years of friendship and trust, to the shining future of Korea and India.’ This promotion campaign, emphasising the longstanding friendship and trust between the two nations, was installed in two locations in New Delhi on September 6th during the presidential visit.
The campaign features the commemorative slogan for the 50th anniversary of Korea-India diplomatic relations: “50 years of friendship and trust, to the
shining future of Korea and India.” It carries a message of moving towards a bright future based on the 50 years of friendship and trust between both
Ambient advertising leverages the characteristics of specific locations or environments for advertising. In this case, the campaign utilised the
architectural and environmental features of the South Korean Embassy’s in India’s main entrance and exterior walls, as well as the exterior walls and
rooftop of the Korean Cultural Center India.
The advertisement installed at the Korean Embassy shows an intriguing design. When the main entrance is closed, it displays the message “50 years
of friendship and trust.” However, when the entrance is opened, it reveals the message “50 years of creating a bright future'” on the main building’s exterior wall. Additionally, an interesting ’50’ logo representing the 50th anniversary of Korea-India diplomatic relations is also shared.
The advertisement installed at the Korean Cultural Centre India is drawing the attention of New Delhi citizens as it contains the moment when President
Yoon Suk Yeol and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shook hands and pledged cooperation during their bilateral meeting, which took place on the
occasion of the G7 Summit in May.
An official from the President’s Office said “In commemoration of the 50thanniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and
India and the visit of President Yoon Suk Yeol, we planned the advertisement with the purpose of reminding the people of Korea and India
of the long-standing friendship and trust between the two countries and sending a message to share expectations for a bright future.”
The Presidential Office official added, “With this advertisement and event, we hope that many Indian citizens will develop a fondness for South Korea and that it will serve as an opportunity for them to visit the Korean Cultural Centre India.” Korean Cultural Centre India has posted introduction about these meaningful K-Ambient signboards along with the photos on their SNS channels, and the overall number of viewership has already reached 3,78,789 and the number of likes 12,936 in 2 days after posting.

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