Uttar Pradesh to ease burden on pupils under new education policy

Image used for representative purpose only. File

Image used for representative purpose only. File

The Uttar Pradesh government has instructed the education department to change school schedules under the new education policy to ease the burden on students. There will be only 29 hours of teaching in a week in state schools and classes will be held for five to five hours thirty minutes from Monday to Friday and only two to two and a half hours on Saturdays, as suggested in the New Education Policy.

“According to the new National Education Policy, there will be only 29 hours of teaching a week in state schools.,” a statement from the Information and Public Relations, Department said. Similarly, the maximum time limit for classes for general subjects will be reduced from 45 to 35 minutes, while classes for major subjects will be held for 50 minutes.

Uttar Pradesh is implementing various new initiatives envisaged in the New Education Policy in basic, secondary, and higher educational institutions.

Recently state universities modified the syllabus for Defence and Strategic Studies, including conflicts in which India did well, highlighting heroic stories including skirmishes with the Chinese aiming to bring an Indian perspective to Defence and Strategic thought.

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